Lead Inspections, Assessments, Abatement & Clearances in Detroit, Michigan

About Us

The Stokes Environmental Group, LLC offers lead inspections, lead assessments, lead abatement and lead clearance services in the Detroit area. We have extensive experience with lead-based paint and its associated hazards and our certified lead inspectors and assessors are highly knowledgeable and experienced in identifying and evaluating lead-based paint hazards in residential and commercial properties. We use industry-approved methods and materials to safely and effectively eliminate lead hazards from your property and we will provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your property is safe from lead hazards.

More About Us

About Us

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Lead Paint Inspections

Stokes Environmental Group provides Lead Paint Inspection services to homeowners and business owners in the Detroit area.

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Lead Risk Assessments

Our Lead Risk Assessment service uses advanced techniques to accurately assess the presence and levels of lead-based paint in residential and commercial properties.

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Lead Clearances

Stokes Environmental Group's lead clearance service is a comprehensive solution for safely and efficiently removing lead from residential and commercial properties.

Providing Businesses and Homeowners in the Detroit, Michigan & the Surrounding Areas with Professional Lead Inspections, Lead Assessments & Lead Abatement Services.